Rolling auditions ongoing for the following  ensembles/instruments:

YS Strings

String Orchestra

Prelude Strings

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Why join the MYSP? 

Performing in school ensembles, private lessons, chamber music, All West, Youth Symphony – each one provides a unique and valuable learning experience. If you are able, we encourage you to do them all! At the MYSP you will learn advanced repertoire, play with advanced students, perform with a full symphony orchestra (YS), learn great music with gifted conductors and make new friends. Join the MYSP and be a performer, a leader and a future patron of the Arts. Financial Aid is available for families who demonstrate a need.

Who can audition?

Mid- South students through the 12th grade can audition. Everyone auditions each year, regardless of previous MYSP participation. Auxiliary instruments including alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and piano/celesta are occasionally needed by the YS. Potential applicants on these instruments are encouraged to call the MYSP office to indicate their interest, and they will be advised as to how they may audition should the need arise for their participation based upon literature selected each year by the YS conductor.

Am I ready for the YS, SO, or PS?


Age and grade level varies. Number of years of study, daily practice, and private lessons make a big difference in how fast skills are learned. Players should seek advice from their private teachers and school music teachers regarding their current skill levels and audition requirements. Indicate on your registration form in which orchestra(s) you would like to perform. After a successful year in one group it would be appropriate for your own musical development to audition for the next ensemble in our program.

What steps are required to audition?


Contact Debbie Heath, Orchestra Manager at

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