Board Feature: Victor Sawyer

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your occupation? What are your hobbies?

I am a native Memphian. Grew up in Hickory Hill. Went to Ridgeway High, the University of Memphis and then the Manhattan School of Music. I am a freelance Teaching Artist who works primarily with the Memphis Music Initiative and Stax Music Academy. I have a robust career as a trombonist and have toured the United States, performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival, and Venezia Jazz Festival. I have had the honor of playing with Memphis legends such as 8Ball and MJG, Steve Cropper, Jody Stephens of Big Star, Eddie Floyd, Valerie June, and many more.

I am a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe and Game of Thrones fan. I recently got back into skateboarding. I'm also a huge music theory nerd!!

Why did you decide to join the MYSP Board of Directors?

It was an opportunity to work in a community I rarely have the opportunity to work with. Also, I have a love for classical music that has not been properly nourished in quite some time and to join a team that serves hungry, passionate young musicians is truly an honor. I want to help maximize the joy and rigor of the MYSP ensembles.

Why does the MYSP matter to you?

Orchestras are a vital part of any music community. Being in Memphis it is an absolute must that the classical music tradition continues via the youth of Memphis. One experience can change a young person's life and the MYSP provides a plethora of opportunities for a young person to have that "A-ha!" moment. A moment in which the curiosity of the world around them is lit.


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