MYSP Board Feature: Ty Boyland

I am the Senior Consultant with Ty Boyland Consulting and a Senior Fellow with the Memphis Music Initiative. In both roles I advocate for quality and equitable music based opportunities for the youth of Memphis. My biggest hobby would have to be my fragrance collection. I currently have over 200 (almost 300) niche and designer fragrances.

I joined the MYSP board because of the very advocacy that I speak of. I believe that representation matters for all children. The diverse make-up of the Board is sure to be a lasting asset to the future of the MYSP.

The MYSP matters because it provides opportunities for youth to learn, grow, and flourish in their musical abilities, which can literally take them anywhere in the world, and the world is here to be seen! These students show a commitment and a discipline that are required of future leaders and change makers. I especially applaud the support that is given and the sacrifices that at times are made by the parents of MYSP youth!


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